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I would like to have started this blog with a more unique heading but who am I kidding; I’m not THAT creative!  The purpose of this blog is to not only hold myself accountable to get back into shape and follow my journey on this vegetarian/vegan lifestyle but to also share with the world what its like to be a mom of four boys all the while living cross -country away from everyone and everything we know.  Most people choose to change one thing over time..me on the other hand; I figure why the hell change one thing when I can change my whole entire universe all within one month! My family thinks I’m straight up crazy just deciding one day to pick up and move our family of 6 over twenty-plus hours away from home.  Just wait until they find out I now (only two weeks into the move) have made a joint decision with my husband to never eat meat or dairy. So technically, maybe I have lost my mind. Don’t mistake me though as I have always had every intention of being that typical “stay at home suburban mom” who runs the head of PTO and makes organic food fresh for her family. Somehow, I have turned out to be considered the opposite.

Take moving into my new neighborhood for example: I thought I played your normal new neighborhood mom pretty well until the neighbor kid informed me (in front of his mother might I add) that his mother had assumed I was military simply because I have so many tattoos. She looked deathly embarrassed and guilty at this comment but maybe this was just fear in her eyes of the odd new woman claiming to be a mother who moved in doors down from her own well-kept family… I thought we lived in the twentieth century but apparently my body full of tattoos, nose ring, and ever-changing hair and clothes styles make me the rebel of the neighborhood. Maybe I am scary?! Or maybe I am just wild. A nice wild though. Not the type to go crazy and search for illegal activities to partake in but more wild in the way of a mother who drinks a few too many margaritas on occasion and embarrasses her husband.  Don’t let that fool you either….Josh (the hubby) likes my crazy tendencies. Take our wedding picture for example. Even 9 years later he is always looking at me this way like he married an ax murderer or something (I assure you I am not)..2248_1091453642826_991_n

He is not your normal man either. He plays his manager role well at work but when he’s with me, my crazy sometimes fades off and he has been seen going thru phases of insanity. (Like the time on vacation he felt the need to start the new “planking” craze that never seemed to bloom further than well…crazy husbands who feel powerful planking on every object in sight.)288703_2224673252608_1451183_o       Then take my children; my beautiful little creatures God has blessed me with. They have been known to get stuck under tables, throw fits at every photo shoot and be just plain crazy. But as stated; this is us. Like us or hate us we will be together regardless. I love my boys (big one included) because they make me who I am.

This family MAKES ME A SUBURBAN MOM GONE WILD. I hope you will continue to share this journey with me as I can promise it won’t always be pretty…but it will always be entertaining! 10599372_10204217586456120_4746399971072846722_n

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