What am I?

We are so new to this lifestyle that I often get confused on what to even call us. We don’t eat meat, dairy, or eggs like a vegan but then I still have a leather belt or certain makeup etc.  I may wear which would lean more towards a vegetarian. I think I will just call us plant eaters.

You wouldn’t think it would really matter what our label is but for example; this weekend we have been invited to dinner to eat with some new friends. How do I tell them we won’t eat their food if it has meat, cheese, milk, or anything else full of GMO’s?! And isn’t this a bad friend code right off the bat? 😂

*On a side note its amazing how well I feel eating such pure food. If you live in Virginia Beach I must recommend you visit  a place called Fruitive. I have been drinking their amazing cold pressed juices and Josh loves their food. The boys even enjoy their smoothies. But word of caution…if your gonna do the juice cleanse PLEASE for everyone’s safety stay home near a bathroom! 🤤IMG_20170329_085247

(FRUITIVE’S one day juice cleanse )

* One more note…if you have ever wondered about the plant based lifestyle or just enjoy movies you should watch *Forks over Knives, *Food Matters, and *Cowspiricacy. These are all on Netflix and my older boys watched and have now been more involved in eating healthier as well!

( I am sure the dinner with our new friends will have a complete post dedicated to it as my children feel the need to act like deranged hyena’ s anytime we meet with friends so stay tuned..)


(credit of crazyhyena.com)

3 thoughts on “What am I?

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  1. I really love this post and your style of writing. It draws one in.
    Lol. Cheers to plant – eaters!! 😀 😀
    Point noted @ juice cleanse tip. Can see why.

    Quick question: If someone does not eat meat, fish, or eggs when boiled / cooked but does so when prepared otherwise, do they classify to be “plant-eaters”?

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