So I have to tell you, I was not prepared for the knock on my door today.  I opened the door looking like a homeless lady who lost her direction and somehow found her way into this beautiful house in Virginia Beach.  Unfortunately, I just look that bad as I didn’t feel too well and decided to rock my “crazy hair, no makeup, sweats with Josh’s shirt” kind of style. This is beside the point however…lets get to what REALLY MATTERS…

The kind gentleman informed me that he was here to do his normal spray and inspection of the home for pests.  (Being that we decided to rent and not own right away and have only rented this house a few weeks, I had no idea they had a regular pest man coming my way today or I would have at least brushed my hair….haha just kidding…I probably would have looked the same..)  Anyways, he went on his happy way and sprayed the perimeter before doing his dandy inspection in the crawl space.

After what seemed like a great deal of time, the man came back to my door to inform me that due to the vents not being sealed appropriately around my house, there was evidence of rodents down there.  I stared at him blankly but he kept going with this long spiel about the things I can do to prevent them…something involving chicken wire and shutting up holes but I had stopped listening by this point as we all know it’s not something I myself will do; if not our landlord then I will most likely volunteer my husband for such a fun activity.  After a while I stopped this man and asked him; “What type of rodents are we talking about?” which he then informed me with a polite smile; “roof rats…there is a lot of activity down there from them but I could not catch one like I have before down there”. Uhhhhh….what?!!!

First of all, why are ROOF rats UNDER my house and not on the roof? Secondly, I am a Kansan; I have no clue what a roof rat is! So after the pest man drove away, I quickly googled this term to come up with below picture.

pic2fly(courtesy of pic2fly.com)

These little beings are said to carry all kinds of scary diseases and are 16 inches long if you count their gross little tails.  Not exactly what makes you fall to sleep easily now huh?!! I was hoping for more of an animal along the terms of this:


(courtesy of flickr.com)

but apparently a little squirrel looking fella with some alcohol is not in my cards for creatures I must share my home with. Too bad because I think I may have crawled under my house to hang out with the colony of rats if they looked like the above picture and threw back a few drinks on days the kids were driving me wild.  (Hey now, one can dream…)

I guess the moral of this post is….well…there really isn’t one…I just wanted you all to know how creeped out I am now every time I hear noises and think about the little creatures eating away under the floor trying to get to me.  The bright side of this is…..if they ever DO make it into the house…with my four boys…they won’t last an hour!!!! ;D

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