Don’t eat my food!

So this may be a short blog today as my children have officially started spring break and I have to hide to type this. You may think I’m kidding, but I am literally crouched next to my bed sitting on the step of my elliptical typing this on my phone in hopes of at least 2 minutes before the boys find out I am missing and run up here to tackle me…

Anyways…I went on a food frenzy yesterday and made some vegetarian and vegan foods  (remember I am an “in- between foodie” …call me a veggie-veg or a plant eater or just call me nuts…whatever you want to label me is swell!! ) Funny enough, I made my first ever soup and my kids actually asked for more! (****Words of wisdom for you fellow parents trying to get your kids to eat healthy; just make something good and tell them “This is won’t like it…dont eat my food” and I promise you they will think it must be great and think they are pulling one over on you and they will eat the crap out of that food…no joke!***) I have to add that I have never had many types of beans so I thought what the heck…throw them all in…so that is what I did.20170406_155018.jpg

It turned out looking disgusting but it tasted great! (I added some celery, carrots, vegetable broth, spices, tomato, green beans, parsley and cilantro in there as well so it wasn’t quite a bean-fest).20170406_163347.jpg

Then I made some quinoa with brown rice and broccoli and threw some cheese on there for the boys along with a big salad, fruit bowl, and then I added some other fun things for the kiddos like rainbow carrots. Turned out to be great as kids are easily tricked and can be distracted into eating just about anything if it is colored….try it! 20170406_153958.jpg

I could tell you more about my delicious meal that even a four-year-old could have made (Hey now, I never told you all I could cook…ask my husband and he will tell you a story about me burning macaroni in the microwave after forgetting to add water once ….I shall plead the fifth if ever asked) but I have been found.


Kids are screaming and the animals have claimed my arm after I tried to sneak onto my bed for a relaxing moment of blogging. Now I am left with a dead arm and a bed full of animal hair. Oh, and 3 boys on my back as I type this…and to wonder why a suburban mom could ever go wild is beyond me! 😂

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