Serious (sort of) Post

This may be a little off topic but we all need supporters in our lives. Whether it is a spouse, friend, or even someone you meet online; you have to surround yourself with people who trust and believe in you.  There will be days you won’t believe in yourself and those are the days these people are essential.

The past 2 years I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and migraines. This then led to a 40 pound weight gain coming from someone who once had a dream of being in a female body competition. But that was before I got sick and I looked like this:

Now currently I look like this:


(Courtesy of

Okay okay I don’t look quite like that but you get the picture. However I refuse to give up. I refuse to sink. I love who I am and I love the process of getting back to who I am going to be.  Going whole foods/ plant based/ vegetarian or whatever the heck I am doing now has helped. I have become more aware of the earth and animals and even just the beauty in life. I am learning to eat to live and not just live to eat.

If you feel alone you should look around for your supporters…they may look like this20161231_163153.jpg

Or maybe like this..  20170228_195156.jpg

But in the end it doesn’t really matter what our supporters look like now does it?! Just as long as they love us just the way we are and help us to achieve our dreams. Find someone who believes in you and you can trust whole-heartedly and you will live a happy life!

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