Fitness and inspiration

We all have a handful of people who inspire us in our lives. People who rattle us to the bone and make us change our lives. Sometimes their presence in our life is so incredibly profound we end up moving cross country (yes this happened).

Ashley Horner is a fitness model, trainer, and spokesperson I started following and corresponding with 4 years ago after my darkest moments of being sick and unhealthy. I have struggled thru the years but she always seems to pop back into my life to inspire me enough to get up and keep going. I am privileged to have been an Ashley Horner ambassador where I wrote articles for her blog along with some other amazing ladies. I wrote one today however, that is one of my favorites. It incorporates my love for poetry along with my passion for health and motivation to get back to where I physically once was. You will notice some bold words which are actually the names of some of Ashleys trainers. Please check her website out if you ever get a moment! (

( Picture credit also courtesy of )


Until then…focus on your dreams and fight hard in everything you do!


(Side note…sorry the blog has been sparse lately…I had a minor procedure done for my hormone imbalance issues and have been recuperating but feeling better than ever!)


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