But did you die?!

So sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. It’s been a whirlwind with my baby turning two…starting bootcamp..having company…and life in general. To start..Ryder had a wonderful birthday and our house now looks like Paw Patrol threw up all over it.20170514_144724.jpg

Next…lets get to bootcamp. I joined Fit4moms which is a franchise focused on mothers. I cannot speak enough good word about them! They do have programs such as stroller strides that you can exercise with your kids in tow; but I am currently in an 8 week bootcamp just for moms. We meet twice a week in a park and we sweat out our insides for an hour straight.

I should probably mention how out of shape I am. When they asked me to run a mile I told them I had not ran in 4 years. When they asked how far I used to run I stated, “usually just to the mailbox.” So day 1 after attempting to run I drug myself to the finish line looking a little like this… (minus the smile of course)IMG_20170517_131640(courtesy of Sophie Gamand)

However I had to remind myself…”But did you die?” I was close, dont be fooled…but no; I did not die.

Which brings me to my next venture. I went to get more work done on my sleeve. I always assumed the more tattoos I had the less it would hurt. I am a champ and probably have 20+ hours of tattoos on my body but I tell ya each time hurts more. It was about 4 hours this time and by hour three I had my music playing so loud in my earbuds I could feel my eardrum rattling and I was praying for the artist to have severe stomach issues  and have to take a very long bathroom break. Didn’t happen BUT he did spray some stuff on my arm during hour 3 and it was like Heaven! The pain stopped, finishing was managable and I actually spoke a few words after 3 hours straight of grinding my teeth down to nubs. (Ok…maybe I’m exaggerating a little 😂).

Word of advice…ask for this numbing spray if you ever get a tattoo but its short lived so only towards the end of your session. And if they tell you no, I’m sorry its so good its probably illegal or something and you just cant have it. Too bad for you. But in conclusion..you need to walk yourself out of that tattoo studio and ask yourself; “But did you die?” If you can answer then I’m happy to tell you that you didn’t…good for you!

(Finished product thanks to Rob B. at Red 5 Tattoo here in VA.)IMG_20170507_180252

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