No worries…I’m alive!

Hello people…all 5 of you who I just KNOW are on edge every day these past 2 months waiting for another post from suburban mom gone wild. Well…here it is…and I promise to keep blogging at a more current level and not so periodically. But lets be clear, my promise can be broken any time if needed so really.. that doesn’t mean anything.😂

What has been new in life? Well I am still embarking on this health journey along with a quest to find my true purpose in life. But lets talk about my vegetarian/vegan movement for a minute. I know, I know, hardcore vegans say no you can’t pick and choose when to eat meat because its a lifestyle but guess what…I never do what people expect. 😉 So I am currently eating all whole foods..with an occasional fish or meat. I cut out gluten and dairy and soy and processed foods because I have an intolerance so now my options are to pretty much eat grass. Yes…be jealous…I can eat grass. Maybe some icecubes if they are labeled right…

about-to-eat-my-vegan-gluten-free-soy-free-raw-non-gmo-organic-fat-free-low-carb-dinner-ice-cubes(Courtesy of

However…my kids are starting to follow my actions and eat healthier so its all worth it to me.20170706_200344(0).jpg

Ok…ok…most of the time 😂20170701_155041

Now lets move on to my training. I have 2 trainers. One that strictly comes to my house to bust my ass for an hour 3 times a week. So technically I pay her to despise her and dread every time I have to see her. Truly shes awesome but thinking about our times together I picture her more like this..IMG_20170719_115705(Courtesy of Public domain tv)

My other trainer is a few hours away and more like my mental sanity. She could be called a nutritional coach, mental and emotional eating coach, holistic, life coach…but I just call her my saving grace. To be honest she has become one of my bestfriends in life. She is real. She lets me talk a straight hour about myself every week and email her stupid pictures or comments like “is poop supposed to look like this?!”

Josh loves to tease me about paying people to be my friends but I would pay for Megan a hundred times again because she’s that kind of person. If you need help in any aspect of life…working out, emotional eating, hormone or migraine issues, or just life in general I highly recommend this girl! I will put her website link under her picture. **side note…isn’t she the cutest?!! 😁FB_IMG_1500480613396(Courtesy of Horizon Holistic Health)

Besides focusing on health not much else has went on. Except driving cross country with 4 kids and a dog on my lap to visit family, or starting an online course about self discovery, oh and more tattoos…so thats cool. Im finally starting to fit the role of my license plate…

IMG_20170624_101535Best part is when dudes fly up on the car all excited just to find Josh alone driving it…no tatmom around 😂😂😂😂

So for now blog land…I will leave you with some wisdom until I blog again later this week:

Never take a 2 year old out in public during nap time. Or grocery shopping. Or leave him alone for 5 seconds. Never. Never. Never.20170608_165730



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